For nearly 50 years Buzzi furniture has been distinguishable by the excellent workmanship of every piece of furniture.
Unique pieces are realised thanks to the craft skills of carpenters, carvers and upholsterers.
Every choice is dictated both by aesthetics and functionality.


A team of highly skilled people assists you step by step.
We will guide you through the phases that come before the finalisation of your home furnishing, ensuring our availability even after sale, keeping in touch.


Entering our showroom you will be immersed in a suspended cosmos, among Provencal and contemporary influences, with the ‘fil rouge’ of a continuous search for innovation.
Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms will express your own personal interpretation of the furniture, to make you enjoy emotions and a family atmosphere through each moment of your day time.


Each choice will be dictated both by aesthetics and functionality. Anything will ever appear
trivial or obvious, but cleverly designed with quality, solidity and style.
Expressing value, absolute beauty and structural research will be the distinctive mark of your home.
Following a project at every stage makes choices authentic and reliable.
The most advanced tools and techniques in drawing, tightly paired with hand sketch will shape every space and results will have both a traditional and modern flavour.
Every day you will receive the authenticity and reliability of a product built to last thanks to the equilibrium given by
continuous research and the more advanced techniques.

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